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Nothing to see here, move on.

I did a few more trips to the chair for a read, and a bit of computer time.  I zimmered about a bit as well, and on one of my zimms I spoke to the mother of the lad in the next bed.  It turns out that she knows Renney!  It is a small expat world out here. (That is for you Mum)

No doctors have seen me today, and my dressing has not been changed.  To be fair, I do not think it needs changing, as there is very little seepage today.  This is a good thing.

International SOS have called me to inquire about my discharge date, and flights, and mobility.  I have spoken to Caroline Huo (HR at SAIC) and she confirmed that I need to go in person to pick up my passport.

JJ has called me as well, and International SOS have taken over the booking of the flights, as I will be having a flight nurse accompany me, and she will need to sit next to me on the flight.  It is easier for them to book the 2 seats together.  JJ has also said that this delay should not affect my request to come back out to Shnghai fulltime.

I need to get checked out by a UK doctor, and hopefully they can give a proper timescale for recovery.

The lad in the next bed is going to be staying overnight at the hospital, and he was starting to get a bit tired.  His hand had been taped to something to stop him bending it, as he has an IV in it.  He didn’t like that and was saying that he couldn’t draw now.  As he is spending the night here, his Dad is going to stay with him, but there is only one sofa in this room, and it is by me.  The staff have decided to move him to another room, which became available this afternoon!  Lucky me!

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  1. Gina
    June 2nd, 2009 at 21:18 | #1

    Good luck with the stitches on Weds. Hopefully the seepage will have stopped and the wound won’t rip apart like an earthquake movie …. you can rely on me for words of support!! x

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