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Crawling towards the weekend

A very un-productive day. I was up at 9:00am, and had breakfast. Mum was going out today, haircut first and then shopping with Yvonne in Banbury. Dad was going to the field to put the roof on the tractor garage with Terry. The tin man had dropped off the roofing materials on Tuesday, so everything is all ready to go.

All I have done is eat my lunch, which was in a cool bag on the table for me. I skyped Ma Yan, and as she was doing some exercises, I thought I would do some as well. Just moving my leg around and generally moving about. She then went for a run around the complex.

I installed Ubuntu onto a memory stick to see how it faired with my laptop. Not too bad really. I cannot think of a use for it, but it passed 20 minutes.

Ma Yan came back, and we skyped again for a while, and then she went to sleep.

I started to watch a BBC programme from iPlayer called “The Incredible Human Journey”. I have watched the first 3 episodes, and they are very interesting. This one seems to be just as good. Well worth a download.

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