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Weekend TV Fun

As I was in the bathroom this morning, the TV I ordered for Mum and Dad arrived. It is a Toshiba 26AV615DB. I ordered it as when I put the TV on for the GP last Sunday, it was flickering. Dad said that it always did that, and sometimes changing the channel worked. It didn’t.

Anyway, I went downstairs for breakfast, and Gina and Hugh arrived. Gina was going for a haircut, and to get the last few bits for her holiday. Before she left, I oversaw the removal and the installation of the new one. It involved much pointing and suggesting on my part, and very little actual work…

A bit later, when I had made sure that the DVD and Video both worked, and spent a bit of time checking that Dave was still showing Top Gear, I stood up to have lunch. I had, however, forgotten to get my crutches, and I was a bit surprised by this. I did not put my right foot on the floor, and managed to sit myself down almost gracefully without any problems. But a bit strange nonetheless.

After lunch, I checked the TV again. It seems to be working well. At least Dave is working well. I skyped Ma Yan, and did some exercises, and then checked Dave again. Still fine.

I went out the front door, to see what Mum was up to. She was cutting back some plants at the front of the house. Dad had just got back from the field. He had cut some of the grass around the caravan. I then managed to get back in the front door. I went up the steps that I had gone up last week, and could still see where the foot of the crutch had slipped on the step.

At around 5:30, I went downstairs, and we sat outside and I had a Guiness and some nuts. Very pleasant. I did not want another Guiness, as I would have struggled to get up 1 flight of stairs. I sticked it back upstairs, and checked Dave again. Still working.

I am going to have another Guiness with the left overs from the Chinese Take-away from last night. Maybe tonight, I will sleep on the sofa…

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  1. Gina
    June 13th, 2009 at 20:19 | #1

    You have forgotten to check the “Dave Ja Vu” channel is also working …..

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