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Windows Reloaded

I was up and breakfasted by 9:45am this morning. I did the difficult Sudoku in the paper, and was ready to leave at 10:15am. Mum was ready as well (luckily, I was sat down at the time).

We set off for Rugby, and went down the Fosse Way. It was a sunny drive, and not too much traffic on the roads. I was interested to see what progress had been made on the Rugby Western Relief Road.

As it turns out, not a huge amount was different from when I last saw it 5 months ago. They have the island in at the Potsford Dam Bridge, and as I looked North up the road, I could see a footbridge has been put over the new road. They have not put the final tarmac on yet, so it did not look brand new. When it is finished, it will save a lot of hassle getting from the A45 to the North of Rugby. The signs say due to finish Autumn 2009, but that can mean 21st December 2009, if you want to be pedantic.


At the house, I started on the easy task of updating Avast!. I applied for a new license, and waited for the email. It took over 3 hours to arrive! Luckily, I had other things to be getting on with.

I started up the PC, and got the error that Tracey had said. I tred again, and there was no joy. I then put in the XP installation disk, and went to the recovery console. I did a “chkdsk c: /p”, to see what it came up with. It said there was at least one un-recoverable error on the disk. Even doing a “dir” came back with an error. Dr. Killban’s diagnosis – Drive Buggered.

Last year I had replaced all of the drives in the server with SATA drives, so I had 3 PATA drives to choose from. I ended up choosing a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 10 300Gb drive. The other options were a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200Gb or a Hitatchi Deskstar 500Gb. I felt 10 was better than 9, and 500Gb a bit excessive for a system drive. All the data is kept on the server, so there is no real need for a huge amount of capacity on the clients. After checking the jumper was set to CS, I plugged the new drive onto the PATA cable, and fired it up with the XP disk in. I got it to format the new drive, and then installed XP. Once into windows, I put on all the drivers, installed SP3, put on Office, and setup Outlook. Final job was to put on iTunes, and I was done. Bish, bash, bosh and out the door.

Well, that would have been ideal. However, I had made a simple error, but it took me a bit of time to solve it. Once I was in windows, and realised that I could not get any data off the old drive, I had shut down for one of the restarts, and had disconnected the failed drive. I then put the new drive in the drive cage in place of the old one, and shut the case up, and moved it back into place. What I did not know, was that when I first installed windows to the new drive, as the old one was the master drive on the cable, windows used that as the boot drive, and the new one as the system drive. I did not notice this, as if I left the XP intallation disc in the drive, it booted up fine. Once I thought I was finished, I took out the CD, and it would not boot. Because the data needed had been put onto the drive I had now removed, it would not boot without the XP disk to help it along. I tried the recovery console again to try and fix the MBR, and rebuild the Boot.ini, but it was all in vain. To cut a long story short (too late, I hear you cry), I did a complete re-install with only the new drive in the machine. This took 75 minutes to complete, including installing iTunes, and getting the printer / scanner installed.

End Geek

Mum and Dad had arrived at around 5:00pm, and it was around 5:10pm that I bit the bullet, and did the re-install. At 6:30pm, we left and made our way back home. After sitting in the chair for a good few hours, except for a jimmy at some point, I feel quite happy that I should be good to go when I get back to work.

Walker's Cheese and Onion

Walker's Cheese and Onion

As an added bonus, whilst on the way back, Mum asked if I wanted some crisps, and I said yes. Low and behold, a beautiful, blue bag of crisps appeared from the back of the car. A pack of Walker’s Cheese and Onion Crips. What joy they still bring. Plus, the ISP’s will be spitting blood.

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