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British GP Day

No need to get up early today as there was no practice before the race. I got downstairs for breakfast at around 10:00am, and then did a sudoku.

Coverage started for the GP at 12:10pm, and I turned it on around 12:20pm. I have never been an avid watcher of all the pre-race stuff that goes on. I like to watch the qualifying and the race. All the punditry that goes on before and after is verbal chaff to me.

All the off track histrionics I can do without. A case in point. I watched “The One Show” on Friday (I think), and the female presenter had been to Silverstone a some point during the week, and first drove Jenson Button around the track, and then Jenson drove her around. Pre-qualifying, the F1 presenter, who’s name I do not know, drove Jenson Button around Silverstone, and then Jenson drove him around. I am sure that the guy enjoyed it, but I could sense that Jenson was a bit narked about driving minor celebrities around the circuit. Today, the same F1 presenter drove around Silverstone with Lewis Hamilton, and then Lewis drove him around. These pieces did absolutely nothing for me with respect to Formula 1. They added nothing to the programme, and seemed to be just an excuse for the presenters to drive around the circuit with a current driver. There are some pieces that have been very insightful, like the information about the pit stop with some very good descriptions and graphics that explained to everyone what the anatomy of a pit stop was. The driving round Silverstone was a waste of time.

Anyway, not a bad race at the end of the day. It was good to see RBR doing well, and some competition for Brawn will be good. Shame that Button could not do better than 6th, but at the end of the season, those 3 points could make or break the Championship.

After the race, Mum and Dad came back from a thing at the County Records Office, and suggested we go to Ask in Warwick for a meal. I was ok with that, so once I had finished another sudoku, we went out.

As it was Father’s Day, they were doing a deal whereby every father had their main course for free. We had the garlic pizza bread to start. Quite big, and too much for me on my own. I then had penne with chicken and mushrooms, Dad had sausage and bean cassarole, and Mum had some Porcini mushrooms in ravioli. I also had a beer.

We got back with time to spare before the new series of Top Gear started. So I was able to do a bit of interneting. Top Gear was very good, with a 1949 race between a Jaguar XK120, a Vincent Black Shadow motorbike, and a train. There was also the dramatic moment when “The Stig” revealed himself / herself. I won’t spoil the surprise on that one. Following Top Gear was a programme with James May, called James May on the Moon. Not the usual moon landings story, but a quite different take on it all. Well worth an iPlayer look.

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