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Blue Monday

Up late today. I was going to get up earlier this week, but I missed my chance in the bathroom, and so did not get up until 9:45am. I had my breakfast, did the easy sudoku, and then started on my new regime. I am doing my exercises after each meal, as I have to use my sticks to go from the table to sit down in the chair anyway, so I might as well do my exercises on the way.

I called British Gas, as they have sent a bill through to my apartment for £127.15. It was based on an estimated reading, so Dad went down and read the meter, and I had put this updated reading on the website at the weekend. I then received an email from British Gas saying that it seemed a bit low, and I could I give some more information to make sure it was correct. When I called, the girl said that I owed £127.15, and I said I had a new reading. She entered it, and when I said I had not been there for 3 months, she said no problem. I went onto the website, and the new figure was there ready to pay – £49.50. All in all, a fairly painless experience.

Mum and Dad went off swimming and fielding respectively, and I was left home alone. I had to fend for myself a bit, so had a couple of rolls with cheese and chorizo in them. I did the medium sudoku, and after that, it was exercises again. Then back in the chair for some surfing. Top Gear was on Dave, so I watched some of that, and then there was some other programme on, and it was a bit too crap for me. So I turned it off, and did some more surfing.

Mum and Dad came back at around 2:45pm. I was upstairs, and had a near miss on the way down the stairs. About two stairs from the bottom, I think I leant forwards a bit too much, and started to place my right foot as if to stand on the last step. It must have happened fairly slowly, as I moved my left crutch to the floor, and prevented myself from putting any weight on my bad leg. Whenever I go downstairs, I am always wary of that, and I shall be a bit more careful now.

Mum went out to pick up Hugh from school at around 3:45pm. I finished the difficult sudoku just before they got back. Top Gear had started again, so Hugh and I watched that while Mum used the shredder downstairs. I could tell because the shredder interferes with Dave. Gina arrived just as we were about to eat. Her holiday was very good she said. Dad had collected Gina and Danny from the airport last night. He had got back after I had gone upstairs. We finished eating, and then Gina and Hugh went back home to watch a repeat of last nights Top Gear.

I did my exercises again, and settled down for the night. Two episodes of QI are on Dave starting at 9:00pm, so I shall watch both of them, and drag myself of to bed.

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