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Holiday Tuesday

Up a bit earlier to make sure that I was ready before Mum and Dad left for their short break. I was down and breakfasted by 9:45am, so a bit earlier than yesterday. Dad said that they were due to leave at 10:30am. They actually left at 10:55am. I was surprised that it was so close to the correct time! Mum was still in the shower at 10:10am…

With the parents gone, lunch was a lonely affair in the kitchen sat on a stool, and looking at the microwave. It was a couple of rolls with cheese and chorizo again. I did my exercises and then sat down for the afternoon.

At 2:50pm, I got a text message from Mum saying that they were just getting onboard the boat, and that the wine was being opened. It is not going to be a sober holiday I am guessing.

Tracey arrived at 4:30pm for a chat about things. When she was leaving, she asked about the tyres on the Impreza. I sticked it down the stairs to the back garden, and checked the tyres. There was plenty of tread on the rears, and the fronts were a bit more worn. If she is doing mainly motorway / A road driving, they should last for a few more months. I have looked at the penalty in the UK for driving with defective tyres, and it is £2500 plus 3 penalty points on your license, and that is for each tyre! You can be banned from driving and be £10000 out of pocket if all 4 tyres are defective. Best change them early then…

I watched the end of a Top Gear, and a Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and decided to make some dinner. I heated up the remains of last nights Spaghetti Bolognaise. There was no Spag left, so it was just Bol. I put some cheese on it (calcium), and then put some clingfilm over the bowl, and carried it through into the dinning room in the small cool bag. Luckily, I had put the clingfilm over, as it had slopped a bit. None escaped the clingfilm though. I read the paper whilst eating it, which was much better than looking at the microwave. I shall do that tomorrow for lunch.

I had forgotten that Wimbledon had started, so I am now watching Andy Murray’s first round match.

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  1. Gina
    June 23rd, 2009 at 21:19 | #1

    Hope you are brushing up on your quiz knowledge for tomorrow night – that would be something useful to do tomorrow! You could become even more of a geek (or is that a nerd?)!! Some music “intro” revision would go down well …. oh no – you’re good at that (didn’t you answer a question in record time about that well known tune “Never ending Story … !!)

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