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5 weeks and a Kozi Quiz

Again, as the title says, it is 5 weeks today since the surgery. More exercises done, and hopefully closer to a full recovery. It is 3 weeks tomorrow that I go to the hospital for further X-rays to see how the bone is healing. My scar has been a bit sore today, but massaging it seems to have helped it.

I was home alone today, and so breakfast took a bit of time to take through into the dining room. I had the usual Weetabix, and drank the milk from the bottle, (no one will ever know…). I did my post breakfast exercises, and relaxed in the chair for a while. Before I knew it, it was lunch time, so I made my way to the kitchen.

In the fridge was a microwaveable Bacon Butty, with a sachet of tomato sauce in the packaging. It should have been brown sauce, but, beggars can’t be choosers. I threw it in the microwave for a minute, and then put it into the cool bag for transportation. I also put in a bag of CnO crisps as a treat. Very nice, and the crisps set it off a treat.

I cleared that away, and then did my post lunch exercises, and relaxed in the chair for a while. At 5pm, I had a couple of biscuits with cheese on, to tide me over until I ate later. I then did what would normally be called my post dinner exercises, but tonight, they are pre dinner. At 7:00pm, I took my things upstairs, and put on a shirt for the evening. I was ready early, so I went outside and sat on the wall outside the house. It was very pleasant, there was no wind to speak of, and the temperature was around 24C. I was going to be picked up at 7:30pm by Danny for delivery to the Kozi Bar in Warwick for the Wednesday Quiz. However, he called me to say that he was running 5 minutes late because he was picking up Neil. It did not really matter, as it was nice to be outside.

At 7:35pm, Danny’s car appeared down Cape Road, and I jumped in. Well, hopped in really. We got to the bar, and Brian was already there. I had a Guiness, and I was only going to have one. I had remembered that the toilets are upstairs, and there is a treacherous staircase to get you there. However, Neil pointed out the disabled toilets on the ground floor, so the pressure was off. As I started on my first pint, Brian’s food arrived. It was a beef and onion baguette with salad and chips. I was looking at the menu, and decided that that seemed the best choice, so Danny went to the bar and ordered it for me.

It did not take too long to arrive, even though the barman had said that there was a group of people upstairs, and they were just starting to prepare the food for them. We then had to start the quiz. The picture round was 20 pictures of the 2009 FHM best looking women. We did not do too well with that. Then onto the Intro round. We did not do too well with that. Next up was the General Knowledge round. Strangely enough, we did not do too well with that. I felt another pint would not be good, as I would have to go upstairs when I got back, so I said to Danny that I was ok. He returned with a pint of Guiness for me, as he had misunderstood my hand gestures. Oh well.

Geography next, and our performance was sub-par. Neil was too tired to continue. He had been at Drayton Manor Park today, and had not taken a hat, and had not drunk any water all day. He left for home, and left us a man down. A music question round followed, and we managed to do poorly at that as well. Finally, it was the connections round. This time, we pulled a rabbit out of the hat, and did pretty badly. Our final score was 44 out of a maximum of 80. We ended up second! The Shiraz Sisters won with a score of 61, and Danny was not happy about that. There were suggestions of cash for questions at some point.

Gina arrived in the aftermath of the quiz, and chatted to Brian about his job interview today. He felt it went well. She then gave me a lift back to Mum and Dad’s, and after I had made my way upstairs I sent Gina a text to say that I was safely upstairs. She replied that Danny was thinking of exposing the Shiraz Sisters in the Courier (the local paper)!

And so ends another day.

  1. Gina
    June 25th, 2009 at 17:12 | #1

    What a terrible performance in the quiz! Better luck next week – I think I’ll be joining the team :-) (ready to answer those tricky 007 questions !!)

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