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Final day of solitude…

I managed to get up and down for breakfast by 9:45am. I got all the stuff through fairly quickly and ate. I finished one Suduko, and then did my exercises.

Nothing much else happened until I got my food for lunch. I have taken to holding the cool bag in my teeth as when I have it on the handle of one of my crutches, it sort of throws it off balance. It is heavier than the other crutch and it takes a few steps to get used to the difference. Sadly, the first few steps from the kitchen go past the stairs to go down to the garage. I don’t really want to be off balance going past stairs! I had a couple of rolls, with chorizo and gruyere. I even slathered some Coleman’s English Mustard on them as well. I also treated myself to a bag of CnO crisps again. Those are the last ones I will have… until the next ones. Exercises followed lunch. It is much easier to do them once I am already up and moving.

I did another couple of sudokus during the afternoon and listened to some music on my laptop. Gina called at 5:00pm to see if I wanted anything brought up. She said that Danny is still going on about the Shiraz Sisters from last night. I am going to the pub tomorrow evening with them, so I shall see if I can wind him up about them. Perhaps throw in a conspiracy theory or two.

At 7:00pm, I went through to make dinner. There was a chicken and mushroom risotto that Mum had pointed out to me before they left. I looked at the instructions, and it was 25 minutes in the oven. I put the oven on, and popped to the loo. When I got back, I realised that I could microwave it! 9 minutes in total. It had the usual pierce the lid, then cook for 5 minutes, then stir, and cook again. I did all that properly, and carried it through to the dining room. It was actually quite nice! I had to remove the asparagus before I could eat it of course, (nice try Mum). Another sudoku followed, and then exercises again.

When I sat down, I lifted my foot up with my leg straight. This might not be a fantastic thing for most, but in hospital, Dr. Lee told me that I should try and lift my foot off the bed 200 times a day. To be honest, I have not been doing that since I got back, but when I was did it in the hospital bed, I could not actually lift my foot off the bed at all! This improved my mood greatly, as it shows some sort of progress. Dr. Lee said it was important for going up stairs. The exercises I am doing myself are obviously doing a similar job to Dr. Lee’s exercises. I shall perhaps do some of those during the day, as I do not have to get onto my crutches to do those.

Unless anything amazing happens later on tonight, I shall call that the end of today’s blogging.

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  1. Gina
    June 25th, 2009 at 20:59 | #1

    By the way ….. you’ve only got about two weeks before you’ll have to be getting up on time and get your @rse into work!! Enjoy your days of getting up just before 10am …. they will soon be over!

  2. killban
    June 25th, 2009 at 21:44 | #2

    It’s only 10 days now…

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