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Murray Monday

I did not get up at the time I had set my alarm for. I am conditioning myself to get up earlier each day in preparation for going back to work. Today’s target was 8:30am to get up. I did not sleep well at all last night, and so I looked at the clock at 6:15am, and thought I had a good two hours sleep left. I then woke up, and thought it was only a few minutes after, but it turns out that it was 8:15am.

It took me 30 minutes to prepare myself mentally and physically to get out of bed, so I was 15 minutes behind schedule. I had finished my breakfast at 9:20am, so that makes my timings work out for getting up. As long as I get up on time…

After breakfast, I had a problem with my laptop’s connection to my wireless access point (WAP). I tried everything I could remotely, but I just could not keep the connection alive long enough to do anything. So, I sticked it downstairs to take a look at it. After much messing about, I still had not achieved anything. After lunch, I made a concerted effort with it, and took my laptop down with me. I reset everything, and tried it. This seemed to work. I had a backup plan though. Dad went to the apartment to get some things, and I asked him to bring my spare WAP from there. When he got back, I tried that, and it worked fine, but I prefer to use the other one, as it is a Router / WAP, and I take that with me when I travel. It means that when you plug it into a network, my laptop is on a completely seperate network from the rest of the building / hotel / apartment block. It is just a bit of extra security.

Whilst I was downstairs, I installed a bit of software on Mum and Dad’s PC which allows me to access it remotely from anywhere. No VPN or other fancy tricks required. I also installed it on my Desktop at the apartment on Saturday, and it works very well. It is called TeamViewer (use the TeamViewer Full Version), and the software is free for non-commercial use.

Once that was all sorted, I went back upstairs and the internet was fine. I do not know what caused it, but resetting everything, and restarting my laptop seemed to cure it.

Later on, Andy Murray’s match at Wimbeldon started. Dad and I started to watch it. Then we had dinner, with the match on in the background. After dinner I did my exercises with the match still going, and then we all started watching it. It lasted nearly 4 hours, and finished at 10:38pm. Here is the BBC post match report. It was a tense end to the match. Of course as he won it is a British victory, if he had lost, it would have been a Scottish defeat.

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