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I planned to get up at 7:30am this morning. However, I got a phone call at 7:20am, and was on the phone for 20 minutes. That then put me back a bit. I checked my emails, so that put me back more, and then I missed my chance in the bathroom. I got downstairs for 9:00am.

I had my breakfast and did my exercises, and sat down in the chair. Dad went to the field with Terry (pictures to follow), and then Mum went to go swimming and to a shop in Wellesbourne that was having a sale. At 12:15pm, I sticked my way into the kitchen, and gathered up some food. I then held the cool bag in my teeth, and went through into the dining room. I treated myself to a bag of CnO crisps as well.

Mum came back, and got herself some lunch. It was a lot better than the one I had prepared for myself. At 2:10pm, Mum took me up into Warwick for a task I had to do. She parked up, and I sticked my way to the appointment. Afterwards, I sticked my way back to the car, (it was only 25m away), and called Mum. She was just coming round the corner, so it was perfect timing really. She had gone to the bank, but for some reason, the Warwick branch was closed. Good old HSBC. So, we went into Leamington for Mum to pay in some cheques.

We then went to pick up Dad from the field. Terry had already left when we got there, but they had done what they had set out to do. Their tasks for the day were:-

1) Put on the small doors on the front of the garage.

Garage Front Door

Garage Front Door

2) Put the guttering on the back of the garage.

Garage Guttering

Garage Guttering

Back at the house, Mum and I managed to fall asleep in front of the TV watching tennis. In my defence, I went to bed late last night, and did not get enough sleep… After dinner, sudoku and exercises, more tennis was watched. This time it was a highlights programme, and I did not fall asleep. At 9:00pm, a programme about the 7/7 bombings came on. I am not sure if it was trying to prove or disprove a conspiracy theory. I was too busy looking up weight bearing with a broken leg.

From what I can gather on the interwibble, weight bearing early can be good / bad / makes no difference (delete as applicable). So essentially, no great revelations from Google. I had a stumble on the stairs going down today, and I am fairly sure that I put some weight on my leg. As I did not collapse in pain, I am guessing that it was ok. I am starting to touch my toes down when I am going upstairs, as it gives a little extra balance to the whole procedure. Going down stairs, it is more difficult to put my toes down, as the stairs are not that wide. It was going down that I had the stumble. I also put my foot out to balance myself in the shower, when I am drying myself after the shower, and when I am stood at the sink. I am not conciously putting weight on it, but I am sure that some weight is going into it. What I need is a pressure sensor in my shoe to tell me how much weight I am putting on it… But that might be too geeky. Good, but geeky. Also, where would one get such a bit of kit from?

Anyway, up at 7:00am tomorrow. I was going to do 6:30am, but I did not really manage that today, so 7:00am is a good compromise.

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