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Recovery Update Part 2

Today I am just going to reflect on my recovery. I am getting bored of the whole “Got up, had breakfast”. I am sure anyone else who reads this feels the same. It was when I was lying in bed about to write this that I decided to change the style of this post.

If you read my previous “Recovery Update”, you will know how mobile I was 11 days ago. One of the things I have mentioned elsewhere was the exercise that Dr. Lee wanted me to do 200 times a day. This was to lie down in bed, and lift my right foot off the bed with my knee straight. Not high, just off the bed to start with, and then build up from that. Sounds fairly easy, and my left leg was showing the right how it should be done. In reality, I could not move my right leg off the bed at all. I could get less pressure on it by almost throwing myself up, but as to actually moving my foot using muscle power, it was a no go. I thought I would give it a try tonight. Whether it is the exercises that I am doing, or my muscles have healed enough I do not know, but I can lift my right foot off the bed the same amount as my left left now. Not 200 times of course, but the same amount of movement. There is a bit of discomfort, but that is the muscle complaining, and to be fair, it is not easy on my left leg either, and I probably couldn’t do 200!

Navigating stairs, I have started to touch my toes to the steps to give an extra bit of balance. I am not putting weight on, or not that I can tell, as my arms are still holding my bodyweight up. I have also taken to placing my right foot on the ground when I am sticking about to get the motion correct for walking again. I do not put any weight on my foot, as I can slide it over the ground when I am moving forwards. I think this is vital to actually walking again, as I have to think about putting it forwards. I have been protecting it since I got the zimmer, so I now need to unlearn that.

I have got in a few different cars now, and none of them have been a problem. Gina has a Yaris, and Danny has a Toyota Corolla Verso (I put this in originally: Xsara Picasso). Even Gina’s is fine, and dropping down into the seat causes no pain or issues. As I can move my leg around fairly freely, it seems to be ok. Based on that, I think that getting a lift in to work with Alan in his Ibiza will be fine.

That’s all really today. Just a recovery update. Normal service will resume tomorrow…

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  1. Gina
    July 3rd, 2009 at 22:08 | #1

    Danny has got a Toyota Corolla Verso Nik …… I thought you knew something about cars?!

  2. Gina
    July 3rd, 2009 at 22:09 | #2

    You spent enought time in the Verso when we were the support crew for the Oxfam Gurkha Trail Walker Challenge! By the way – your recovery is going so well that you’ll be putting your name down for Trailwalker (100k in 24 hrs) next year I take it?!

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