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Wasp day

I got a call last night from Tracey saying that there were wasps going into the wall at the house. So, Dad and I went to Homebase this morning to get supplies. We just got some expandable foam. Dad said he needs some for the Tractor shed, so it was not an extra. Whilst I was waiting for Dad to pay, I noticed something that made me feel as if I was back in China.

Kitty Machine

Kitty Machine

By the till were 4 machines. They looked like sweet machines, but each one had a variety of different prizes, and each one was £1. Imagine my surprise when I saw a “Hello Kitty” prize machine! Luckily, I got a picture of it. The proof that it is in England, and not an old picture from China, is that it is written in English, and it says £1.00 on it. For those who do not click for a larger view, there are 8 various Kitties to collect. They are called “My favourite hobbie danglers”, and I assume that you attach them to your mobile phone. I did not buy one, so I am not sure how big they are. The 8 to collect are:-
1) Scooter Kitty
2) Bathing Kitty
3) Bedtime Kitty
4) Umbrella Kitty
5) Bubblegum Kitty
6) Yellow Kitty (?)
7) Photography Kitty
8) Polka Dot Kitty (?)

As you can tell, I am not sure about two of them.

At the house, we could see the wasps straight away. They were going into a hole in the mortar above the outside light. We got the step ladder, and Dad prepared the foam for insertion. He went up the ladder and filled the hole with foam. Enough went in so that it came out of the front about 25mm (1 inch for the old folk). The wasps were none too pleased by that and started to try and move it to get through. The foam said that it was tack free after 30 seconds, and hard after 5 minutes. About 10 minutes later, they found another way in through a different hole, so Dad went up the ladder, and filled that one as well. This really annoyed the wasps. We watched them for a while, and saw that there were two other holes, but they did not seem to be going into them, and they were concentrating on getting through the foam. I suggested that to be safe, Dad should fill the other two holes. However, the wasps were really buzzing now, and when Dad moved the ladder into position and started to move up it, they went ballistic. Dad decided that it would be safer to leave it as it was, and we put the ladder back, and left. If there is a problem, we will hear about it.

A friend of Mum and Dad’s called Lizzie came round this afternoon. She had broken her leg skiing last year, was in traction, had a plate put in, and also was repatriated. It also turns out that she was told by the UK Orthopedic surgeon, that “I wouldn’t have done it like that”. We chatted about crutches. How much movement I had. How good Zimmer Frames were for the bathroom. How difficult showers were to get into. General broken leg things that unless you have been through it, no one else understands fully. I refrained from showing my scar, as it means undoing my trousers, and showing the upper part of my leg. I might save that as a party trick when I am slightly worse for wear. Either that, or I wear shorts constantly, which will allow at least the lower half to be seen.

At 5:30pm, Gina came round to give me a lift to the pub. We got there, and Danny, Brian and Neil were already there. I had a Guiness, and we watched Andy Murray getting beaten by Andy Roddick. To commiserate, I had another Guiness, and a couple of packs of Pork Scratchings. Then, Gina took me off to Westgate Chipshop, and I got a Donner Kebab and Chips. Once back at Mum and Dad’s, Gina went to pick up Danny to go home, and I tucked into my Kebab. Mum and Dad tucked into my chips, even though they had both just eaten, and said that they wouldn’t. Dad is going to have the leftovers for breakfast. I managed to watch the episode of Top Gear that was on last Sunday, that I had managed to miss, so not a bad evening really, unless you were Andy Murray of course…

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