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Ankle Weights

Gina and Mum went into Stratford today to book their trip to India for my cousin Stephanie’s wedding. I asked them if they could get some ankle / wrist weights for me. I want to use them to build up my strength in my leg before I put full weight on it.

As the weights will be below the break, there is no extra weight on my hip, just extra weight for the muscles to move. I see this as a good thing for improving my muscles and getting walking again. They could not find any suitable ones at a sports shop, so Gina sent me a text asking if they had them at Argos. I looked at the website, and reserved a set. I put in my mobile number, and the reservation number go sent to me, and I sent that on to Gina. Here is a link to the ones I bought – Nike Wrist Weights

Whilst they were out, Danny popped round with some Pork Scratchings that he had bought from the market. They looked fantastic, and it was all I could do to not have a packet there and then. He put them in the cupboard next to the CnO crisps.

Dad had gone to the field for more mowing, and while he was gone, I got a message that the wasps were going into another hole. I asked Dad if he would go over again and deal with it, which he agreed to.

Gina and Mum got back, and I tried on the weights. I put them both on my ankle for two reasons. Firstly because one was a bit tight, and secondly, because 500g was not really enough to feel on my leg. I did my normal exercises, and I could definitely feel the extra effort I was putting in.

Dad told me that he had put lots of foam into the hole the wasps were going into, so hopefully that has cured that.

I had a couple of Guinesses over the evening, and beat the family at Trivial Pursuit, before watching an episode of “Have I Got News For You”.

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