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Half Day Friday

This morning I was very tired when I woke up. Probably because it is the first week I have done at work. Anyway, Dad picked my up at 12:00pm, and I was glad that it was not 5:00pm again.

As I had eaten some food at work at around 9:30am, I did not need any lunch. I sat down and watched the Formula One practice session. It is in Germany this week, and the forecast is for rain over much of the weekend. Possibly not so good for Brawn. Although, at the end of the session, Hamilton was fastest, with Button 3rd!

At 4:55pm, Danny called to say he was on his way to pick me up, and at 5:15pm, he was outside. We had a couple of drinks at the pub, and then Gina said that we were going to a house warming party. This was news to me, and it appeared to be news to Danny as well. It was only in Kenilworth, so we went there for an hour. I told my broken leg story. As I was telling it, I could sense that even I am starting to get bored with it now. Then Gina dropped Danny and I off at the house, and she went to get the kebabs. We then watched a couple of QI, and a Mock the Week. I was flagging towards the end of Mock the Week, and so I went to bed, and Gina and Danny left for home.

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