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40th Birthday!! (Danny, not me)

After doing a good 4 hours at work, I was fairly tired… Danny popped in on his way home from his morning / early afternoons sporting events (disc golf, adventure golf, boule(?) and pool). He thanked everyone for their presents and cards, and then he went back home to change, and Mum and Dad went to Sainsburys.

Hugh called at 4:15pm to say that Gina was going to be coming round at 4:45pm to take me to the pub. Sure enough, at around that time, they arrived, and we made our way to the pub. Danny and Brian were there already. Gina took Hugh to Nev’s, and Neil and Katie arrived soon after she got back. At around 7:00pm, we made our way to Castle Balti for Danny’s birthday meal. It is quite a distance from the pub, (250m according to Google Earth). When I got there, my hands were a bit sore. I had a lamb and Indian cheese Balti with garlic rice, and we all shared a table naan. It worked out at £12.50 each, which wasn’t bad at all. Danny did not finish his, and had it packed up for him to take home. We then made our way back to the pub. I sticked it again, but I did not go to the pub, as I did not fancy being in a crowded bar on my sticks. Gina gave me a lift home, and as predicted, Dad was doing a Sudoku and Mum was asleep on the sofa. Dad has now started writing notes to Mum so that if she is asleep when he tells her something, he has proof that he has done it. I guess that will last all of tonight, and be forgotten tomorrow.

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