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I am still here.

August 2nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Since my last posting, not much has happened.

Of importance to me is of course that Schumacher has been confirmed for Ferrari to replace Massa. Rumour has it that there is already a beach towel on the top step of the Valencia podium…

I have been doing my exercises, and my walking. In fact, I can do the walk in 5 minutes now, and I have done it twice today. Yesterday, Ina and Graham came down to go to a clothing show at the Hilton, and we walked or, in my case, sticked to the Thai Elephant. That was not too bad either. 3 weeks tomorrow is the crunch day for me. If the consultant says I can have full weight bearing, then things will hopefully start to get better mentally as well as physically. Just ticking the days off is not good. At least I have work to occupy me in the day. I am sure that today and possibly before, I have put much more than partial weight on my leg. I have also come to the conclusion that I will buy my Impreza at the end of the lease in November, and use a 0% credit card to fund it. As long as I pay the same payments then as I do now, there is no real difference. Apart from the fact that I do not have a lease agreement, and the car is mine to sell when I go to China.

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