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International Children’s Day

Was woken early this morning by my leg being a bit sore.  I cannot seem to find a position that is comfortable for the whole night. 

Ma Yan left for work at 6:45, she has stayed here over the weekend.  Making sure I do my exercises, and generally helping me out.

I got out of bed at 7:35, and did various things.  I opened the curtains, opened the windows.  I put the fan on, and straightened out the covers on my bed.  I then went to the loo.  I came back and sat in the chair, and looked at the dry skin on left foot.  I can’t look at my right foot, but I am sure it will be similar.  No showers, and not walking is making my skin dry on my feet.  I was waiting for breakfast, so I put the TV on and watched a programme about a place just outside of Shanghai which has been kept in the old style.  Shame I can’t remember the name of it…

Breakfast was a change from the norm.  I went with an egg muffin and hash brown.  Turns out, it was basically an Egg McMuffin, muffin with egg, cheese and ham, plus a hash brown.  It was OK, but too fatty for me.  As I have said before, my body is a temple now.  It used to be a kebab shop…

After breakfast, I then cleaned my teeth for the first time since being in here.  I have used mouthwash, but this time I got the colgate out, and gave my teeth a going over.  While I was in the bathroom, the GPs were doing their rounds, so they said they would come back later.  No sign of them yet.  I then sat back in the chair for a while, and then stood up and did some leg exercises.  Again, just lifting my leg up to simulate going up stairs.  My knee was popping and cracking while I was doing that.  It sounded strangely satisfying.

I got back into bed after an hour, and thought I had best update my blog, as I had not done any since yesterday afternoon.  Plus I want to catch up on how the MP’s have been spending my money.

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