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Children’s Day Part 2

Bob arrived at 10am for a visit.  Whilst he was here, the surgeon assistant arrived to change my dressings.  Bob and I chatted with him, and he said that I need to come back here 4 weeks after the surgery for an X-Ray.  This is to see how the bone is healing.

I told him that I was going to be in England when then was, and he looked thoughtfully at me and said, “I think they can take X-Rays in England.”  I was very relieved to hear that!  He also confirmed about taking the stitches out on Wednesay.

Bob was saying that he was going to the Shangri La hotel for Sunday brunch this coming weekend, as it had been so good on a previous occasion.  Prawns as big as your hand, was one of the comments he made.

I zimmered about after lunch, and sat in the chair reading “Sigh for a Merlin” by Alex Henshaw, about his role during the war of being a Spitfire test pilot.  I have only just started it, but so far, so good.

I have skyped Hugh, Gina, Mum and Dad today, so everyone is fully up to date with all that is happening.  Tonight, I shall just relax and read some more, and maybe watch some tv online.

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