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Possible Discharge Date…

The insurance company’s agent, International SOS have just been on the phone with me.  They have been told I shall be discharged on Wednesday after I have my stitches taken out!!  I have discussed this at length with the ISOS person, and I have said that I would rather remain in hospital for 24 hours after the stitches have been removed, just in case of any issues.

The logistical problems I can see are:-

1) I have to go to the visa office in person to retreive my passport.

2) Virgin flights to the UK leave Shanghai at 9:20am, so I have to be at the airport at 6:20am

3) I have no clothes here at the hospital to wear to be discharged.

If I am discharged on Thursday, I will need to go to the Visa office the same day to collect my passport, and then go on to Diamond Court to pack my things. I will then stay one night at Diamond Court, and get taken to Pudong Airport for my flight.

I have just spoken to one of the GP’s here, and she says that she is quite happy to say about having 24 hours observation after the stitches are removed.

So being discharged on Thursday, means arriving in Warwick on Friday afternoon / evening.

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