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Back to the Hotel

Ma Yan arrived back with my Jeans and walking boots just after 8am.  I had to sign some documents for my discharge, and got my X-Rays and all the blood test results. I waited for a while, and then put on my clothes.  It felt very strange to be wearing proper clothing, but in a good way.  I then sat on the sofa with my rucksack ready to go.  I had to sign some more papers detailing the cost of the stay in hospital.  Total cost is 188,534.67 RMB, so around £18000!

At around 9:45am the flight nurse turned up with the travel arranger.  He is the one that they use to sort out the travel and he was the wheelchair man.  At 10:10, Connie from HR turned up with my passport, and we headed off out of the hospital.  They cut of my writsband, and then went down the lift.  The car was a Buick style one with captains chairs which rotated, so I could easily get into it.

We arrived at the Visa Office, and went inside, and up the lift to the 3rd floor.  After moving between 3 different Visa people, the final one said that there was no note on the system that I needed a photograph taken, and because I had the Visa in my passport, it was ok.  So we left.  Glad that we checked that I did not need to do anything.  Hopefully, there will be no issues going through immigration…

We got to the hotel, and the staff were waiting with the wheelchair and some flowers.  I got in the chair and was taken up to the 3rd floor, and then across to building A.  Diamond Court has two buildings, A and B.  Main reception is of course in B.  That is the one that has the ramp.  On the 3rd floor, there is a link between the two towers.  Once in the room, there was a lot of fussing around, but I just wanted to be left alone.  Finally, they all left, and I could relax.  Ma Yan came in and we watched the end of a film, and then started packing.

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  1. Dazza
    June 4th, 2009 at 08:57 | #1

    Hope you have a good trip buddy. Call me if you need anything.
    See you blighty side ;)

  2. Selina & Sallie _ HR Dept SMTC UK
    June 4th, 2009 at 09:02 | #2

    Hi Nick

    Nat passed your blog details to me . Hope you have a good trip back to the UK. You are in very safe hands with ISOS as we have doubled checked that all provisions are in place for you.

    Hope you get on ok on your repatriation to UK.

    Hope to see you soon

    Selina & Sallie :)

  3. Jules
    June 4th, 2009 at 11:35 | #3

    Glad to hear the nightmare is nearly over. Hope you have a good trip back and they have plenty of Vodka on board. Look forward to seeing you back in the office soon so the p~~s taking can begin.

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