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Back in Blighty

Woke up early this morning. I still haven’t found the most comfortable sleeping position yet. However, I did roll onto my left side, and it was not too painful. Not real pain, but just pulling and stretching at the muscles. If I continue to do that, it should ease off more and more. I read for a while, and have nearly finished “Sigh for a Merlin”, and then I wrote a word document with yesterdays blog, while it was still fairly fresh in my mind. I managed to nip into the bathroom when Mum got a phone call, and get myself washed up for the day.

I arsed it downstairs with a rucksack containing my laptop. I had a cooked breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage and mushroom, and then I asked Dad to plug in my Wireless Access Point. It worked first time! Hence me able to upload my blog. I sat in the chair and caught up on emails, and then watched the Formula 1 qualifying. I nearly missed it, as I thought it was on at 1pm. Turns out it was at 12pm, and the race tomorrow is 1pm. Lunch was a ham and cheese roll with a glass of milk. Nurse Jane had said that milk and cheese would be good for me as they are high in calcium.

Mum suggested that I get out of the chair, so I sticked around for 15 minutes and showed Dad my x-rays. I then sat back down again, and had another glass of milk.

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