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Golf Sunday

Not too late up this morning. Breakfast, sudoku, exercises as per normal. I sat and checked the internet (it is still there), and sorted out some paperwork.

After lunch, Dad was watching the British Open Golf on TV. So I again checked the internet (still there). Later in the afternoon, I decided that I would go for a walk. I had chosen a route that would be easy enough to do. I thought that I would walk up to the end of the road, and then walk back. According to Google Earth, that should have been around 200m (218yds). Mum came with me, and we made it to the top of the road quite easily. It was uphill, so the worst was over. I said that I could carry on for the whole circuit. This was going to be my plan for later on in the week, but I felt fine. The full route measures around 300m (327yds) in Google Earth, and we did it in 6 minutes! That is around 2mph. Normal walking pace is 3mph, so not too bad for a gimpy legged one. Any comments about 5mph being walking speed, and I shall have to get on my soap box.

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