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Still waiting

The flight nurse came in again today.  It seems like she will be the one to accompany me all the way to Mum and Dad’s in Warwick.  She was just checking on how mobile I was, and basically giving me a final check to say that she thought I was ok to fly.

We also discussed arrangements for tomorrow.  The final decision is as follows:-

1) Discharge at around 10am.

2) Head over to the Visa Office to get my picture taken.  I spoke to Caroline Huo in HR, and she says that she has my passport, but the Visa Office require me to have my picture taken.  Someone from the office will meet me here in the morning with all of the documentation required.

3) Go to Diamond Court.

It looks quite straightforward, however, we are having to borrow a wheelchair from the hospital, as there is a good chance that the Visa Office does not have one.  Diamond Court do have a wheelchair, and that has been allocated to me for tomorrow.

I have also had the good news that my Zimmer will be coming all the way back to Warwick with me.  It’s like an old friend now, and very trusted.  It also stops me have to use a bedpan or bottle…

I am still waiting for the stitches to come out, but I was told that it would be this afternoon.  Nurse Julie has just been in to tell me that Dr. Lee will be coming round at about 5pm to deal with my stitches.  Good news!

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  1. Gina
    June 3rd, 2009 at 12:38 | #1

    Have you sorted out your wardrobe for the photo shoot??? Your hospital gown is ok but it’s a bit revealing. It certainly wouldn’t get you any credit from Gok Wan! (FYI Gok is a well respected fashion stylist with his own TV show – Gok’s Fashion Fix …. there’s still time to pull a “just out of hospital” look together otherwise it’s “how to look good naked” .. another of Gok’s shows!!).

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