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Astronaut Wednesday

The alarm went off at 7:00am this morning. I gunned the laptop into life, and realised that the internet was not working. So, I got up and showered, and then went downstairs. Mum and Dad had not even got up! So, I got all my breakfast things together, including a glass for my milk, and I think I embarrased them into getting up. Whilst eating my Weetabix, Dad restarted the router.

Ryton Pools

Ryton Pools

After exercising, and checking the internet worked (for 2 hours), it was time to go to Ryton Pools. A few of Mum and Dad’s normal walking buddies were there, and they had a quick chat. I got on the scooter for the last time (I hope), and we set off around the route. We went the opposite way round to normal, as we hoped to catch some of the other walkers on their way back. We didn’t meet them, as they had gone a slightly different route. It was really hot out today, over 30C, which in England is a minor miracle.

We got back to the house at 12:15pm, and had lunch. Scrambled eggs, ham and garlic bread. Then, at 1:30pm, Dad and I left for Hugh’s school. We got there, and I sticked my way across the playground, and then went into the main hall. There was another person on crutches just in front of us on the way in, so comments were made. Mainly from Dad and I. We sat at the edge next to some marker cone things. The children filed in, and the cones were to mark a route from the door to the stage. A chap who ran the Imagineering after school activity said a few things, and presentations were made, and then he introduced Richard Garriott. Back in October 2008, he went up to the International Space Station as a paying passenger. One of the pupils at the school’s father has a HAM radio license, and said that he could speak to people in space. That started a chain of events that resulted in Hugh speaking to Richard as he was flying over England in the ISS. Richard gave a good talk, and answered some other questions from pupils, and then gave out some mounted certificates to each of the pupils who had asked him a question last year.

Ham Radio Certificate

Ham Radio Certificate

Here is Hugh’s with his question and Richard’s answer.

After that was over, we all filed out of the hall, and Dad and I went back to the car. When Hugh arrived, he told us that we had missed the refreshments!

Once home, I got an email about going to the Kozi Bar for the quiz tonight, so I replied saying that I would go. I fell asleep watching some tennis, and then Dad and I had some tea. Mum had gone out to Yoga.

At the bar, the end result was that we came 3rd out of 8 teams. We made sure that the Shiraz Sisters did not cheat, by marking their sheet. The winners got 67, and we got 63. We lost out in the music round by only getting 8 out of a possible 20. We only dropped 5 other points, so it was the music round that did us. The picture round was pictures of Nuts, Seeds and Pulses. I brought it home so that Mum and Dad can have a go.

A rather late night, and a busy day. However, alarm at 6:30am tomorrow. I sense it might be snoozed a couple of times…

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  1. Tim
    July 2nd, 2009 at 05:54 | #1

    Enjoy your snoozing Nick, along with your last few days before getting back to the grindstone!

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