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I got some memory for my laptop this week, and downloaded the Release Candidate for Windows 7. I installed the memory this afternoon, and it all works well. Except that 32 bit versions of OSes cannot address the full 4GB. It has to address memory for the graphics card out of 4GB, as that is the 32bit limit. The version of Windows 7 I have downloaded is the 64bit version. That can address 4GB with no problem.

Anyway, after going to the pub and taking a chicken kebab back to Mum and Dad’s, I started to install Windows 7. I wiped my hard drive, as I had a backup of all my vital data. When it came to the license code, I put in the code that I had received from Microsoft. It then said it was not correct!! I had to stick it all the way down to the PC, and get a new one, and then go all the way back up stairs again. I have got my email and skype working, so that is enough for one day. I shall finish it off tomorrow. All of the hardware has been installed without a problem, it sees the full 4GB of memory, and it is faster. Here is a picture of my new desktop.

Windows 7 x64 Desktop

Windows 7 x64 Desktop

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