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Good Luck Massa

The qualifying for the GP was punctuated with a stark reminder as to how fragile the drivers really are. A piece of Ruben Barichello’s car fell off, and in a bizarre accident, it hit Fellipe Massa’s helmet.

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From the footage, you can see what looks like a spring hits his helmet, and then 8 seconds later he is in the barrier. There is also the G meter plus the throttle and brake values. After he recovers, he hits the brakes, but the data also shows that he had his foot on the throttle as well. You can also see him changing down the gear box in an effort to shed speed before the inevitable impact. David Coulthard on the BBC coverage suspected rear brake failure initially, as there were only front wheel skid marks. If the engine was at full throttle, that would explain why the rear wheels did not lock up at all.

He was conscious at the arrival at the hospital but had suffered a cut on his forehead, concussion and a bone lesion of the skull. Massa underwent surgery to treat these conditions, the outcome of which was positive. He will now remain under observation in intensive care.

Hopefully, he will be back driving in F1 soon.

I got a new pair of sticking gloves, and tried them out on my 300m circuit. Better than the old ones, as these have some padding in the palm.

Gina was over as Danny is doing the 3 peaks challenge. Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and Snowdon in 24 hours. We played Trivial Pursuit, and Mum and I lost to Gina and Dad. The shame of it all.

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