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I was up later than normal today. I did not sleep so well last night. I think I will be ready for tomorrow’s early get up. Time will tell.

I used the weights again today on my ankle, and included a new exercise on my leg. It appears that my right arse is now smaller than my left, and so I have to build that up to at least the same level as my left.

Mum and Dad went out with Gina and Danny today to play “Disc Golf”. This uses circular discs, one might call them frisbees, but one would be wrong, that are thrown around a course. It sounds to me like it is golf with frisbees, but, I have been told it is not… They went to a place just outside Milverton to play called Quarry Park Disc Golf. I am not sure of the scores, but Danny has taken up this game, and bought his own discs. He has also lost a couple as well

Ferguson 35 in Gina's Garage

Ferguson 35 in Gina's Garage

Once they got back, Dad said he was going to go and measure up his other tractor, a Ferguson 35, so that a friend of his can make sure the trailer he provides is big enough. Once the Tractor shed is finished, this other tractor will be moved to the field, so both of Dad’s tractors will be there. Dad started it up, as it had not been run for a while. After a few clouds of smoke from the exhaust, it fired up. Dad would drive it too the field, but he is not confident it would make it! Once it is there, if it breaks down, the other tractor can tow it if needs be.

We got back and watched the end of the Wimbledon Men’s Final. What a long match it turned out to be. After eating, I then watched the next episode of Top Gear, but managed to miss the start, as the BBC were messing around with the timings, possibly due to the tennis running late.

Must get to sleep soon, so I get enough before tomorrow.

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